Welcome to the Canada at Midnight / Canada à Minuit website, a fan club of White Wolf materials! We are part of an international gaming organization dedicated to the enjoyment of the fictional worlds created by White Wolf Publishing. We support global shared chronicles set in White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting. We organize and participate in a variety of social, community service and educational events ranging from a small handful of people to over a thousand. We raise thousands of dollars for a variety of charitable causes, donate time and blood to Canadian Blood Services, and work with charities in our local communities including food banks, shelters, and a wide variety of other charities. The fan club is one of the world’s largest organized role-playing organizations with thousands of members across six continents. Our members create characters using the White Wolf gaming books appropriate to the setting, then turn and portray those characters in locally hosted games as well as any of hundreds of other games hosted around the world. Members can also portray their characters on the Internet through numerous “in character” email lists, IRC, or by attending larger events on a regional, national or international scale. Each year, the Canada at Midnight / Canada à Minuit hosts the Canadian Annual National Event (CAiNE) in a selected city that brings hundreds of members together to play in the pinnacle event of the year. On this website you will find information on all the Canadian games. If you are new to the organization feel free to browse the site and see who we are and what we are all about, if you are already member you will find useful IC (In-Character) information on all of our domains including a “Who’s – Who” of the country and rumors from your fellow consilliums, courts and tales of renown.