Content and Consent Standard #1

Relevant Documents: Content and Consent ToolKit

Required Score to Pass: 80%

Prestige Reward: 100G

Requirements: None

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  1. In your own words, what is the definition of “consent”?
  2. In your own words, what is the definition of “IC sexuality”?
  3. How do you opt out of a scene?
  4. What is the default content classification for Canada at Midnight games?
  5. Name four examples of things Standard Content games can reasonably be expected to contain.
  6. What are the main differences between Standard Content and General Admittance games?
  7. X-rated Content Games allow for any content except where prohibited by law. Do normal consent mechanics and policies apply at X-rated games?
  8. There are five rules that people who want to explore contentious content at game must follow. What are they? (1 mark, any incorrect answer is worth 0)
  9. Affirmative consent must be negotiated with all participants in any scene involving three main categories of content. What are these three things? (1 mark, any incorrect answer is worth 0)
  10. A member wishes to lower the intensity of a scene below the norm for a standard content game. Are participants obligated to do so?
  11. Can a member opt out if they feel uncomfortable with particular pieces of Standard Content?
  12. How do you use the OK Check In mechanic? What are the three responses that you can receive, and what should you do in each case? (3 marks)
  13. Member A’s character wishes to kiss Member B’s character in game, using a kiss between the players (as opposed to a narrated kiss). Member A wishes to negotiate consent because this is IC sexuality. In your own words, how should they do this? (5 marks; an answer that is not acceptable and does not demonstrate the appropriate knowledge is worth 0)