Basic Membership Handbook Standard #1

Relevant Documents: Membership Handbook

Required Score to Pass: 80%

Prestige Reward: 100G

Requirements: None

Submit to:

  1. What are our four core membership values?
  2. What is the role of the Board of Directors?
  3. What are coordinators responsible for?
  4. What are storytellers responsible for?
  5. How do you subscribe to the email lists?
  6. Who should I talk to if I want to get put on the approvals database?
  7. Canada at Midnight is an affiliate of a larger American organization, and we play in a connected world with that organization. What is that organization called?
  8. What is the Canada at Midnight website URL?
  9. There are five points summarizing the Code of Conduct in the Membership Handbook. Tell me them in your own words.
  10. What is the first thing you need to do if you feel you are being harassed per the Harassment Policy?
  11. What is required from all the participants for any sexual interaction between characters?
  12. Describe the OK Check-In.
  13. What is the 24 Hour Rule?
  14. Which officer reports your monthly prestige awards and can help you with understanding the prestige system?
  15. Which officers are in the coordinator appeal chain?
  16. Which officers are in the storyteller appeal chain?
  17. Which Director is responsible for helping the club with technical matters?
  18. Which Director is responsible for helping the club with financial and legal matters?
  19. What is the expected response time for an officer to reply to an email? What should you do if the officer does not respond to two attempts at emailing them?
  20. What is a letter of counseling?