New Member Toolkit Standard #1

Relevant Documents: New Member Toolkit

Required Score to Pass: 80%

Prestige Reward: 50G

Requirements: Must have become a member on Jan 1st, 2017 or later

Submit to:

  1. Define “CoC”, “DC”, “VST”, “Metagaming”, “Prestige” and “PACT”. (3 points, each a half mark)
  2. How long does your trial membership last for?
  3. Who is the national staff point of contact? Who is your Domain’s point of contact? (1 point, each a half mark)
  4. What are VIP Points?
  5. Who should you talk to about game related issues, like character sheets, getting approved for the game, or downtimes?
  6. Who should you talk to about club related (non-game related) issues, like registering for the club or getting help resolving a conflict?
  7. What is CAiNE?
  8. List four of your rights as a member.
  9. What is the URL for the club’s website?