Prestige Standard #1

Relevant Documents: Membership Handbook (Chapter 6)

Required Score to Pass: 80%

Prestige Reward: 100G

Requirements: None

Submit to:

  1. What are prestige points awarded for?
  2. If you have any questions about the prestige system, want to report things you did that are prestige-worthy or have enough prestige to advance in membership class, which officer should you talk to first?
  3. Whose responsibility is it to track your prestige?
  4. Where can you find a sample Prestige Log?
  5. Name three non-administrative ways you can earn prestige.
  6. Name three social/non-game support ways you can earn prestige.
  7. If you renew your membership before April 30th of the year, how much prestige is that worth?
  8. When you accept a new member class, what are you agreeing to do?
  9. How much prestige per month can a primary coordinator or storyteller earn?
  10. How much prestige do you need to hit MC3?
  11. Suzie the LARPer completes all of her Standards. She gets 50 Prestige for Standard A, 50 for Standard B, 100 for Standard C and 100 for Standard D. She has thus earned 300 prestige. She is a new member who has done the Standards as a way to earn her first awards of prestige; accordingly, she has 300 prestige in total.
    1. What entries does Suzie put in her Prestige Log?
    2. What coordinator does she need to send her prestige log to for evaluation?
    3. What MC should Suzie be applying for?
    4. How will Suzie know that her MC application has been approved?
    5. Suzie’s application is approved. She has gained MC. Who would she speak with to get her in character rewards processed for her new MC?