The “Canadian Annual (inter)National Event” is the premier event of Canada at Midnight. It is a four-day-long extravaganza of Live Action Roleplaying games covering a variety of venues supported by the organization. It is also when we hold our Annual Meeting of Members, as a registered Not for Profit Corporation.

CAiNE 2019 in Fredericton

CAiNE is also the time when members across the country (and even from other affiliated clubs) get a change to meet in person and hang out. Canada is a large country and, unfortunately, we don’t to meet each other as often as we would like but CAiNE…well there’s a reason people refer to it as a family reunion.

Each year CAiNE is held in a different city because we realize not everyone has the ability to travel easily. In 2020, we’re going to be hosting the convention in Montreal!! Visit CAiNE 2020 Website