Creativity Showcase

We have a wealth of creative members that really bring a lot to our various games, so this page is going to be a place to showcase the various things they do!

CKSBAT ‘the Bat’


This is an in game and in character podcast set it the [MES] Minds eye society universe of Vampire the masquerade. Ruining parallel to the actual events in the Montreal game CD015-The Last Black Miracle VSS

Hosted by: DJsharkey, this innuendo laden podcast is 1 part propaganda for the Sabbat and 1 part spiritual revival for the Diocese-in-Exile.

Costuming and Makeup

Michael from the Montreal Domain really pulled out all the stops for this character!

Makeup Effects

Anita from the Saint John domain showing off a Wyrm tainted wound gained on an Apocalypse quest.