Vampire: The Masquerade

Our continuity is shared with the Mind’s Eye Society. As such, our setting documents are being hosted on the MES Masquerade 2017 website.

Princes plotting at CAiNE 2019

The Time of Reckoning

The Red Star has come and gone.

In the decade it took to pass from the night’s sky, all of society was irrevocably changed.

For humanity, it appeared The Divine had abandoned the Children of Seth. The World of Darkness became even more savage and bleak; crime soared, chaos reigned, and poverty was rampant.  In those dark and unforgiving nights, thousands embraced The Divine, as Stellar Object 2001KXY6 (known as the “Red Star”) raced towards Earth. Regardless of their religious affiliation, in 2009 their communal prayers were answered and the Red Star faded from space.  Scientists raced to explain the phenomena, but so far no hypothesis has proven true and mortal faith is reinvigorated with each failure; the vigil of faith burns brighter now than it has in over 500 years.

For vampires, the Red Star was an apocalyptic event. When it first appeared in 1999, the Ravnos Clan turned on itself, resulting in near total annihilation.  The so-called Week of Nightmares was only the start, the Sabbat saw the frenzied bloodshed by the Clan of Deceivers as a sign of Gehenna and soon raged across the world, putting the Camarilla on the defensive.  Although the versatility of the Anarch Movement left its members largely unscathed from the war between the Sword of Caine and the Ivory Tower, no vampire was safe when the Children of Caine drew the attention of the righteous humans.  The fanatical machinations of the Sabbat caused that Sect to suffer the brunt of the Hunters, while the Masquerade enabled the Camarilla to better shield itself from the unwanted attention of the faithful. When the Red Star finally faded from the sky, thousands of vampires had met final death, entire lineages had been wiped from existence, and the Sword of Caine was fractured.  As whispers of Gehenna and walking Antediluvians spread through the Camarilla, the Ivory Tower began to subtly acknowledge their existence and assert that the Founders are loving mothers and fathers and that the ancient tales of their hunger are fallacies and envious slander.  With the disappearance of the Red Star, vampire society began to rebuild itself and a new Sect was born: The Independent Alliance.

Though the Red Star is gone and the Hunters have been seemingly sated, for all of vampiric society the events of those Nights of Turmoil have led to this: a Time of Reckoning.