Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Our continuity is shared with the Mind’s Eye Society. As such, our setting documents are being hosted on the MES Apocalypse Website.

Since the first humans cowered in caves, afraid of what lurked in the darkness, dawn has been a symbol of new beginnings.

For Gaia’s children, this dawn brings dread…for even as the sun arises, signaling the end of the long night, the horrific scars of war are revealed. Despite the noble sacrifice of uncounted heroes, so much has been lost. In the light of day, you cannot hide from the truth: in the last decade, you have lost almost everything.  A scant few thousand Garou remain, whereas the enemies of Gaia grow more numerous by the day.

But dawn also brings hope.  Finally, after so many centuries of failure and hatred, the Fera have joined with the Garou for this final stand against the Wyrm.  The Garou Nation has survived another night.

The Ahrouns prepping for War – CAiNE 2019